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Earth, fire,water and wind by Woaddragon Earth, fire,water and wind by Woaddragon
Ah, Don't I got a story with this one.

As I said before, One of the condition of our fighting tournament comic is that are characters were suppose to be ramdom. The reason I made it so was, that the fights would be quick and somewhat painless. Man, was I wrong.

My brother used ramdom characters for our comic, but somehow all the characters he pick was already fighting champion, which meant that some of my characters didn't stand a change. The battle between Lord Bulord and Draco, was the greatest example.

First all, my brother had misunderstood, what Lord Nulord was..(I was not good at designing Antho-armor.) In the long run it didn't many. Draco([link]), My brother, Maurice's most powerful character, vs, Beremore Bulord, A character I made for a Redwall Fanfic. The fight last less than 10 panels.

So naturally I made some changes. Not only would they be four characters against Draco, I decide to give them all magical weapons as well. If I ever get started on the comic, you see this may not be enough. For my watchers, you might notice a few familar faces!

Anyway, here's a little

Lord Beremore, Lord of Sanderstorm, look again at the strange scroll. Here he was in the middle of Nowhere, deep in the Fiddle's desert. The scroll had mention that a he would get a great weapon here, if he followed the directions to the letter. Like most Bagder Lords, Lore Beremore gave much attention to Badger lore. When he found the legend of Lord and Lady Kalas, telling of lost sword, he had to find it.
Naturally some of the elder members of the Long Portal, Colonal Dellum, highest amoung them, thought the whole thing was blouderdass, so they were able to convince the young lord not to send EVERY Long portaler would for the Legendary weapon...the sword of Earth.
THis might be a long one so I stop for now.. Look again for updates.

Name: Lord Beremore Bulord
Age: 30
Height: Castonia( 7 ft)
Fighting style: Badger sword
Species: Stripe Badger
Special abilities: with the sword of earth, he can become as hard and steel... and cut even diamond.
Talent: great memory
Like: Badger lore, hare, any veteran of any war
Dislikes: defeatist, vermin, and fish and any sort of srimp

Age: 17
height: Castonia 5'2 (5'9 of you include the ears)
Fighting style: Lance
Species: Mountain hare
Special abilities: the Firelance give Frankie the ability to lance fireball. If she throws the spear, she can create a huge explosion! Sometimes, she can create a firewall as well.
Talent: running
Like: being a portaler, getting praise or respect.
Dislikes: highly critical creatures, foxes, (but not ferrets) and Marla (see here:[link])

Name: Mastiff Bars
Age: 32
Height: Catonia 6 ft even
Fighting style: Mariner
Species: Sea Otter
Special abilities: The saber of the Sea give Mastiff the abilities to breathe under water, become a liguid, air and even ice. He can make thing freeze, flow through cracks, and create large waves.
Talent: pirate hunting
Like: family, the sea, fish and scrimps, and gold
Dislikes: pirates, stroms(particularly lighting.) cheaters, and mercenaries

Name: Sicke the Ferret
Age: 22
Height: Castionia 5'7'
Fighting style: Harrad Hashishim
Special abilities: The bow of the wind give the Sickle the abilities to fire magical arrow with the force of a Tornado!. When she out of normal arrows, the bow can created it's own, but only for a limited amount of time.
Likes: Fighting, Friendships, hares, foxes, and for some reason, moles
Dislikes: death, misfontune to others, clumsy beasts, rats, and for some reason, mice as well.
NikoBanks Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
This looks pretty good, what program do you use?
Woaddragon Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist
Well, I scan an inked drawing of mine. (make it easier to color up later) I color and shade everying in Photoshop Elements 7. It's not as fancy or great as the original Photoshop, but is much cheaper.
NikoBanks Featured By Owner Dec 1, 2011  Hobbyist Writer
Cool :)
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